About us

In our restaurant, Sabi & Gari, located in Düsseldorfer Luegallee 13, we specialise in creating truly special variations of Japanese sushi, which is regarded as one of the most famous and well-known aspects of Japanese cuisine. And our menu is brimming with a diverse range of delicious maki, inside-out-rolls, sashimi and more.

The secret of our sushi? Traditional and authentic recipes made using ingredients that are carefully selected and that blend together wonderfully. This ensures a unique and distinctive quality with every piece that we serve. Quality is extremely important here, which is why we import a large range of ingredients directly from Japan. The fish we use is also delivered fresh daily and sourced from the local market.

To guarantee the freshness of the fish we use, you can take a look at the special fish fridge in our restaurant. Or, you can watch our sushi master prepare nigiri, maki and sashimi right in front of you!

Alongside all this delicious sushi, we offer a wide range of dishes including cold starters, Japanese specialties like salmon teriyaki, ramen cooked with our homemade fish stock and different lunch sets.

We look forward to your visit!

Masataka Sambommatsu is the owner of SABI & GARI.

In the age of 18 he decided to become a cook and started his training. After finishing his training as a cook, Masa, as everyone likes to call him, worked in a Sushi-Restaurant in Tokyo and studied the skills of a Sushi chef.

2010 he came back to Düsseldorf and initially worked 6 years in the Kushitei of Tokyo. Afterwards he continued gathering experience in Köln.

After 8 years in Germany he now established his own restaurant.